What Is AnyLink

AnyLink connects almost any two devices – phone to computer, phone to phone, phone to tablet, and more…
It’s a magic combination of standard cable and OTG cable.


Charge your smart watch from your phone

Phone to Phone charging

Easily charge your phone or smart watch from almost any devices, phones, tablets, computers or wall outlets.

Phone to Phone File/image transfer

Transfer files/images between phones/tablets in a lightning speed. Instant preview full-size images between devices without transferring.

Tangle-free nylon Extra durability

Covered in braided nylon fabric, tangle-free and extremely durable. No more worn out cables

iPhone + Android compatibility

Ligthtning + Micro connectors compatible with the latest models of iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Your tablet is a large battery pack now

Support USB-C

Support FemaleUSB OTG

Still a standard cable

How To Use Standard USB + Micro

Use your finger tip to pop out the hidden MicroUSB head, and drag it to latch

Press the release button and push the MicroUSB back to metal sheath